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Vision Statement

Washington Elementary School staff, along with parents and community members, will empower students to become independent and responsible thinkers, foster academic and moral excellence, and promote creativity resulting in responsible, productive citizens.

Mission Statement

The mission of Washington Elementary is to create and maintain a learning environment where education is number one and students learn.

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Food Policies

Cafeteria & Meal Policies

Meals from Home Food may be brought from home; however, it is at the discretion of each principal. If the principal allows students to bring meals from home, the following rules apply. All meals from home must incorporate whole grains and other nutrient-dense foods by following the current meal pattern (meat/meat alternate, grains, fruit, vegetables, and milk) for breakfast and lunch in accordance with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations and policies. To ensure proper holding temperatures, please make sure the food products are kept cold using ice packs until meal service. The cafeteria cannot store student meals brought from home. Fast food, candy, chips, and soft drinks or sugar-based juice drinks are not allowed in the cafeteria. Milk and 100% juice drinks are allowed and can be purchased in the cafeteria. Allergies All school campuses are Peanut and Seafood Free. Any food brought from home may not contain any type of nuts or any kind of seafood. There are several students with allergies that are enrolled in our schools. Microwave Students at the elementary level (K-8) are not allowed to use the microwave at school. Therefore, parents are encouraged to pack student meals with ice packs to ensure proper temperature control for the safety of the student.

Our School At A Glance

  • PK - 8 Grades
  • 147 Number of Students
  • 1 Sports Clubs
  • formD School Score
  • 49% Certified Staff
  • 1:1 Student: Device Ratio