Professional Development/Title II

The Title II program is designed to address the many components of staff development/teacher training required to meet the academic needs of parish students. Staff development activities are planned in such a manner as to not only provide data to participants, but also to have them actively involved in workshop activities. By actually working and learning new teaching strategies, an appreciation for the teaching/learning process is developed that will carry over into the classroom. All activities are developed with the presentation of state content standards and benchmarks in mind.

Federal mandates have increased the need for further coursework and training beyond the state requirements for teacher certification. A major component of the Title II program is thus to provide tuition assistance to teachers pursuing initial or add-on certification to become “highly qualified” in the area(s) in which they are assigned to teach. Incorporating technology into everyday teaching activities is also an important component of the Title II program. It is only through the use of up-to-date teaching techniques that students can be prepared to function effectively in today’s society.

Title II: Angela Cassimere
Phone: (337) 948-3657 ext. 10256