Claudia Blanchard

Director of Operations
Phone: (337) 948-3657 Ext. 10239
Email: cblanchard@slpsb.org

jeff roberie

Jeff Roberie

Maintenance Foreman
Phone:  (337) 948-3657 Ext. 10281


Geneva Lemon

Maintenance Secretary
Phone: (337) 948-3657 Ext. 10220
Email: mlemon@slpsb.org

Maintenance Data Processor

Maintenance Data Processor

  • Operates and maintains a computer drafting system using the latest version of AUTOCAD.

  • Maintains and draws site plans on all school sites with property lines, wall and partition lines, room names, asbestos numbers, fixed asset numbers, dimensions, acreage perimeter, recent underground locations, hot water tank locations, meter locations, and square footage.

  • Draws building plans for all new buildings under 2,500 sq. ft.

  • Submits all fire marshal drawings and permits.

  • Produces any other drawings needed by the system.


  • Maintains all asbestos management plans.

  • Oversees all 6-month asbestos inspections.

  • Trains all new employees on asbestos awareness.

  • Handles all D.E.Q. violations concerning asbestos.

  • Maintains and draws site plans contained in the asbestos management plans.


  • Maintains the Map Room that contains all past blueprints and documents of each school site.



  • Maintains and draws all color-coded attendance zone maps.

  • Maintains and writes all attendan